Help for Ukraine

"Help for Ukraine" auf gelb/blauem Hintergrund

Ukrainian refugees will get a special protection status in Austria. This includes the possibility to work, the right to go to school, free medical services, and a monthly payment of a moderate amount of money for food. 

Emergency Hotline: +43 1 2676 870 9460

Psychological Support: +43 676 8118 98698

Bilderwörterbuch-deutsch-ukrainisch-v7 (pdf 1.77 MB)

FAQs_UA_Schutzsuchende_-_FAQ_Russisch (pdf 0.44 MB)

Anmeldung_Flüchtlinge_Russisch (pdf 0.18 MB)

Register at registration office

Kindergarten and School

Monthly Payment for Ukrainian refugees

required documents: 

  • registration form of a principal residence in Klosterneuburg
  • an Austrian bank account
  • ID / Passport

Erhebungsblatt_DE_UKR (pdf 0.42 MB)

Send the complete „Erhebungsblatt“ + Documents to:

Blue Card 

= EU Vertriebenenausweis (incl. work permission)

register at: Federal Agency for Reception and Support Services

More Information on the Website in German

Aid organisation

Accommodation für refugees

Information for refugees

civil protection


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