City Hall

Klosterneuburg City Hall is here for Klosterneuburg's citizens.  All legal tasks are handled here, as are citizen services, information, and assistance for any situation - all under one roof.  

Approximately 400 municipal employees work at Klosterneuburg City Hall and its field offices. They provide Klosterneuburg citizens with functioning, reliable and up-to-date government services on a daily basis.

Our employees' tasks range all the way from providing professional and social services, securing supply networks (water and sewage), road and green space maintenance, extending the public transport network, to creating a rich cultural and recreational scene. In doing so, the municipality creates a solid basis for Klosterneuburg's high standard of living.

The website complements our citizen services and serves as a guide and a reference. You can see who is responsible for what, find their contact information and forms you may require.

In the interests of transparency, all agendas, meeting minutes, up-to-date city information, and urban development plans are publicly available and can be accessed at any time.

You can select directly from the six sub-sections on our homepage

You will also find links to other important websites, such as the Family Matrix (Familienmatrix), Klosterneuburg Tourism and local businesses.

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