Short-Term Parking Zones

park.ME - paying for short-term parking via your mobile phone (Handyparken)

In Klosterneuburg, short-term parking permits can be purchased in two ways by mobile phone.

  • park.ME via a smart phone
  • park.ME via text message (SMS)


How it works:

Register at


park.ME with your smart phone:

park.ME automatically recognizes each particular parking zone with the applicable rates and the maximum permitted parking time. You need a smartphone with an Android operating system or an iPhone.

After registering with Trafficpass, a free app will be downloaded to your phone and the service will be activated. Before the end of the maximum parking period, you will receive a reminder.


park.ME via text message (SMS):

Simply send an SMS with the Klosterneuburg city code 3400. The parking permit is automatically issued to the vehicle license plate stored in the user portal.


1. Send an SMS to +43 699 15939316 with a number indicating the desired parking duration in minutes (for example 30) - important: you must enter a space after the desired number of minutes!

2. Enter the city code 3400

Example: 30(space)3400 -> 30 3400

3. You will receive an SMS as confirmation to the sender's phone number (indicating the city, zone and the beginning and end of your parking time).

4. Parking fees are automatically deducted from your account at the end of each month.


10-15 minutes before your parking permit expires, you will receive a reminder via SMS. All parking transactions can be checked and receipts can be created in your personal customer account.

For more information please visit or call the service hotline 0699/1593 9316.



The cost of short-term parking in Klosterneuburg is

  • for parking up to half an hour: EUR 0.50
  • for parking up to one hour: EUR 1.00
  • for parking up to one-and-a-half hours: EUR 1.50

The maximum permitted parking time is 90 minutes.


15 Minutes of Parking are Free.

15 minutes of parking are free - but only with a valid 15-minute parking ticket. These are available free of charge at the telephone exchange at Klosterneuburg City Hall, Rathausplatz 26, as well as in many shops, banks or at tobacconists. The points of sale where parking permits can be purchased are marked with a blue sticker with a white "P".

Electric cars marked with a number plate with green writing can park free of charge for up to 90 minutes. The intended parking time must be marked by means of a parking disc and the vehicle must be removed from the short-term parking zone after 90 minutes. This fee waiver is limited to three years.



Unit responsible for short-term parking permits:

Unit II / 5- Market Office (Referat II/5 - Marktamt)