Aupark Entrance

In June 2005 the “Aupark Klosterneuburg” was opened. (Auparkfolder.pdf in German) As a link between the town and the wetlands, the Aupark represents a new recreation area. The diversity of its design and the combination of nature, art and sport is a special experience. The natural state of the wetlands is preserved and at the same time leisure and recreational facilities were created for the population. 

More Information about the area at Wirtschaftshof on Tel. (02243) 444 ext. 259 or ext. 260 


Skate area: Halfpipes, Streetbox, Launch Box, Fun Box, Wheel Base, Quater Pipe and a Jump Ramp. This site is protected from flooding by a 1.10 meter embankment.

Multi-functional area: for example for Streetball-Events, Cirus, cycle training for children or Football

Auparkbahn (external link to the website of the Auparkbahn)

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Running Track:  1.000m long test and interval track Aupark Running Track 


BMX-Bahn: size 3500 m2.

Naturarena: Area for various events of 4000  m2

Naturerlebnisweg: Various stations bring children closer to nature in a playful way. A distinctive and elaborately designed board at the entrance offers an overview of the route and provides information about the time, length and terrain. The tree frog "Poldi" accompanies visitors on their journey of discovery with his stories and tales. 

The design of the educational trails and nature adventure trails was developed by the company "Pronatour" (from Kritzendorf) and the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). Construction sum: € 645,000 

Logo Aupark

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