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Klosterneuburg is a city with a rich history that offers a high standard of living. Shaped by the Danube and nestled against the Vienna Woods, it is full of scenic charm. Culture and cuisine go hand in hand thanks to Klosterneuburg's long wine tradition. In recent years, Klosterneuburg has developed its modern, future-oriented side and established itself as a city with several leading educational institutions and as a center of groundbreaking scientific research.

The city is located north of the Vienna Woods and lies at 192 meters above sea level. Its history is characterized by Roman and Babenberg colonization. Klosterneuburg is well known not only for its stunning monastery with the precious "Verdun  Altar". Klosterneuburg has been an important wine-growing town since the Middle Ages.  Since 2007, it has been home to the "Institute of Science and Technology Austria" (ISTA), Austria's first elite university, in Maria Gugging. Thanks to the many hills and the Vienna Woods, the area is a paradise for hikers. The Danube Cycle Path is popular among many cyclists. Because of Klosterneuburg's location on the water, the sport of rowing has a long tradition in the city. But Klosterneuburg usually makes sports headlines thanks to its very successful basketball team, the "BK Dukes Klosterneuburg". They are one of the figureheads for Klosterneuburg's active club and leisure scene.

Klosterneuburg is filled with activities for every age and interest. There's the"Happyland" leisure center, which offers sports all year round. There are a number of trails for hiking, cycling and mountain biking, and the Strandbad Urban Beach and the extensive Danube wetlands also offer a variety of outdoor activities. There is also a rich cultural scene. The many museums showcase history and modern art. The Babenbergerhalle is the city's multifunctional events venue. Klosterneuburg hosts a number of established annual festivals such as the "operklosterneuburg" and "jazzklosterneuburg". Summer evenings can be enjoyed at festivals such as Mythos Film and the Shortynale, a short film festival, both held at City Hall Square (Rathausplatz). Klosterneuburg's largest annual event is the Leopoldifest (Saint Leopold's Festivities, commemorating the death of Leopold III, the patron saint of Lower Austria). Leopoldifest is a week-long funfair that is held on and around City Hall Square (Rathausplatz) annually around the holiday of Saint Leopold's Day (15 November).

Klosterneuburg has become an attractive business location for retail and craft businesses, tourism, a variety of service providers, and freelancers. The city works hand-in-hand with local businesses to promote activities to better position Klosterneuburg as an attractive shopping destination. Particular attention is paid to promoting local shops and start-ups.

Regular outdoor farmers markets, innovative solopreneurs, and companies with national and international significance - they all contribute to this balanced, strong economy.

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