Science and Research

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In Klosterneuburg, innovative research work is carried out in different areas by a wide variety of scientific institutions. The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria), the Konrad Lorenz Institute and the Higher Federal School for Viticulture and Pomiculture spearhead the science location Klosterneuburg. But Klosterneuburg Abbey, the food research institute and other companies also contribute to Klosterneuburg as a scientific location. The knowledge and results gained here through the most modern research and development regularly attract international attention and recognition. 

The Amtsblatt of the municipality of Klosterneuburg dedicates a separate page in each issue to the topic of science and research. The texts are also translated into English. The science pages from the current edition of the Official Journal as well as all from 01/2019 are found under the menu Science News.

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